Relentless Capital Group

Our Vision

Relentless Capital Group is committed to finding real estate investments that produce an excellent risk-adjusted return to our invaluable capital partners. 

Our Mission

Relentless Capital Group works hard to enrich the lives of our tenants, partners and members while helping  our investors put their hard earned money to work in high yield, low risk commercial real estate deals.

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Sourcing the deal


We rely heavily on data to identify high quality properties with significant upside that meets our very strict standards. We use different criteria to uncover the best metros, sub-markets, neighborhoods and target properties.

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Improvisation and add value

We strive to enhance the quality of the property and increase occupancy rates and rent rates, resulting in increased property values and higher cash flow for happy investors.


After uncovering an investment property that passes our stringent underwriting,  our team works hard  to acquire the asset with the best terms. Once it closes, the property team members work relentlessly to stabilize the property.


Clear Exit Strategy
We aspire to divest the property and provide return of capital in a 3-5 year time period, in addition to the quarterly return on capital. We work hard to keep the investors informed on our progress towards reaching the goal. 


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Why us?

Top 6 resons why you should invest with us

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Passive Income

We find truly passive income that requires no work. 

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Recession  Resistant  

We invest in B & C class properties that does well even in recession. This is absolutely critical during the COVID times.

Tax Income Reports
Tax Advantaged Returns

Through the use of segregation and accelerated depreciation, investor pay little to no tax on the gains.

Forced Appreciation 

Multifamily property values are calculated based on NOI, and multiplies the value we add. 

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Superior Properties

Our research based on data collection from both government and private sources help us in picking the best sub-market, neighborhood and individual property. 

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Investors First

With all our properties, investors get preferred return, first in line to get the profit.