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After years of investing in single family homes, Satheesh Ramamoorthy, the founder of Relentless Capital Group discovered the ideal investment vehicle - multifamily.  The economies of scale, cash flow and tax advantages made him focus on multifamily portfolio. 


Even with a demanding full time work at start-up, multifamily investments allowed him to earn 15-20% IRR with little effort. 

Meet The Team


Satheesh Ramamoorthy

Founder & Principal

Satheesh founded Relentless Capital Group with a goal of making high yield low risk investments available to passive investors.

After investing in single family rentals, Satheesh realized that "bigger is better" in terms of acquiring and managing assets. Since starting on multifamily investment, Satheesh has partnered to own and manage 700+ units, in Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee and Florida.

Satheesh currently works as a senior director in engineering for a start up and owns the delivery and quality of a product that custodies high value digital assets for institutions.

After decades of working in software engineering, he decided to put his data collection and analysis skills to identify the best investment property in solid MSAs.



Mark Kenney

Partner & Mentor

Mark is a seasoned real estate investor, coach, two-time best-selling author and founder of Think Multifamily.


Mark started his Apartment Investing career over 20 years ago. In the past few years, he has purchased over 8,000 units across the U.S.


Mark leverages his stellar track record to provide oversight and advisory services to Relentless Capital Group to ensure all deals meet the highest standards.


Mark is a graduate of Michigan State University in Accounting and is a CPA. Mark provides exceptional value to investors and the community through his extensive experience in property valuation, acquisition, and operations.

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Vinay Kolluru

Partner & Advisor

Vinay, founder of BlueJay Capital Group, has invested in 1,200+ units across the Southeastern U.S.


Vinay also owns and operates a portfolio of single family homes.

Vinay owns a professional services firm serving the Life Sciences industry.


Vinay is a North Carolina native and lives in the Raleigh, NC area. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University and also holds an MBA from Indiana University.


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