About Relentless Capital Group

Based in Madison County, Alabama and operating nationwide, Relentless Capital Group offers investors liquid cash flow income, asset growth, and tax advantages via partnerships in multifamily properties.

Our investors come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common: they all have financial goals that motivate them to look outside the traditional investment vehicles of stocks, bonds, and funds. While those vehicles all have merit and are part of a diversified investment strategy, none can offer the cash flow (and tax advantages) that multifamily real estate can.

So for the investor that has “do what I want when I want” life goals, multifamily real estate partnerships become a very valid and acceptable strategy to get there – perhaps years or decades sooner than one thought possible. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, this is an economy of scale, and can quickly match, replace, and then exceed employment income.


Meet Caleb Bryant

Before the age of 30, Caleb and his team had invested in 700+ units, and is currently active in 170+ units.

Known for a tenacious and uncompromising approach, Caleb, dressed in track pants and playing a Heavy Metal guitar lick, is a prolific leader in the Alabama real estate market.

Relentless Capital Group personifies Caleb’s forward driving style, pushing the investment opportunity dial to 11.


A Good Neighbor

In the talk of asset growth and tax strategies, it’s important to stress that everything we do is also aimed at improving the communities where we live and invest. We do this several ways.


Foremost are our investment properties. There is no upside – none whatsoever – to property neglect. Part of our stabilization process is to stop the bleeding. In plain terms, properties lose value because owners lose interest, and that’s not in our Relentless DNA. We make our properties desirable places to live, which benefits everyone involved: the tenants, the community, and our investors – everyone wins.


Second, we put our dollars to work. Company principal Caleb Bryant spent a few years touring as a Heavy Metal Guitarist, and got an up-close look at that fan community, which is rife with depression. As such, Relentless Capital Group regularly supports www.heartsupport.com, as well as other local charities aimed at improving the lives of others.


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