A Relentless Investment Strategy

We’re a little different at Relentless Capital Group.

We let our hair down, and we’re willing to dive in and do the work others won’t. Our focus is on cash flow for our partners, which shapes our approach. Ours is a four-step process that is incredibly stable, yet also quite lucrative, over both the short and long term. Here’s how we work:

Step 1

We locate undervalued multifamily properties. Our focus is generally on Class C properties in Class B areas that can be acquired for 65% of market value or less. There are abundant opportunities in this space if you put in the (relentless) work to locate them.

Step 2

With our investor partners, we acquire these properties, and stabilize them, markedly increasing the market value in a very short time. Typical timeframe for this is 3 months. Once stabilized, we begin the refinance process.

Step 3

We refinance the property. This returns the original investment to investors. Yet they still retain a partnership position in the property.

Step 4

Our investor partners enjoy a monthly cash flow via rental income, and enjoy any increase in property valuation. The tax advantages via depreciation are significant as well.

Questions and Answers

Is There a Minimum Investment?

There is no defined minimum, so more investors can participate. That stated, while it is not a requirement, most of our investors are indeed accredited investors. Put in real-world terms, you should not be deciding between college for the kids or investing with us. However, if you want to make paying for college easier, let’s talk.


Is This Syndicate Real Estate Investing?

No. The key difference is, our investors are active partners, with an equity position, and a voice. It is true that our investors rely on Relentless Capital Group for expertise and expect us to take the lead, but at the end of the day, we’re buying a property together.

What is the Advantage of Being Partners?

Fast return of investment principal is key. In other words, we aim for your bank account to return to its normal level within six months. And you still own an equity position, and enjoy monthly rental income.

How Risky is This?

It depends on who you ask. Your financial advisor will tell you it’s risky, and by the way, while they have you on the phone, they have some new funds for you to look at…

But we make our living investing in these properties. Our experience and matchless vetting and acquisition process allows us to find properties that offer an almost instant forced appreciation. The multifamily aspect also offers an economy of scale – without individual yards, basements, and “bonus rooms”, there’s an impressive amount of cashflow within a confined space. As an investment vehicle, we know of few that are superior.

Think about this: the wealthiest people in your community likely own either commercial real estate or multifamily real estate (and perhaps both). There’s a reason for that.

Why Don’t More People Do This?

Simple: Even if they are undervalued, multifamily complexes are beyond the reach of most individual investors (even wealthy people). It takes three things to make work:

Expertise in the industry (vetting and acquisition of the right properties.)

Expertise in multifamily complex management and finance.

Investor partners

We take care of 1 and 2. Then we put up our own capital, and take on partners. That’s where you come in.